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Upcoming events

    • 03/23/2023
    • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Virtual
    • 77

    Learning technologies SIG
    Hosted by: Blanche Allen

    Virtual - Thursday, March 23, 2023
    6:00 - 7:00 PM (CT)

    Zoom Like a Producer

    Presented by: Rhonda Carr, APTD

    In today's digital world, virtual meetings have become the new norm. While many of us are familiar with Zoom meetings, not everyone knows how to manage them like a Producer. This session would be beneficial to anyone looking to run more effective Zoom meetings. In line with our usual format, participants will be encouraged to share their own best practices and tips. 

    Let's geek out about Zoom!

    In this one hour session, you will learn:

    • How to troubleshoot common issues during Zoom meetings 
    • How to set up and manage breakout rooms 
    • How to give and restrict access how to effectively collaborate using Zoom's whiteboard feature and other integrated apps 
    • and the best ways to add engagement to your team meetings

    About our Presenter

    Rhonda spent 12 years working as a trainer and facilitator at a major standardized testing company. Then she transitioned to become an Adult Education Instructor at a technical college, while completing her Master of Instructional Design. Her journey led her to become a Lead Instructional Designer with a Building Products company and now she helps to set strategy and manages the Advancing Proficiency Program at ADP as the Senior Learning Business Partner. 

    After joining the ATD Greater Atlanta chapter in 2020, she became a very active member and volunteer, taking on the role of Newsletter Chair, completing the Mentoring Program, and creating the Onboarding course for the Executive Leadership team. Rhonda has been putting her bachelor's degree in Psychology to good use as she merges it with the learning sciences to create and curate content for learners everywhere. Serving her second term as VP of Technology, she has built a diverse Technology Committee that has grown to 10 members.

    When Rhonda is not operating in her L&D role, she enjoys reading science-fiction novels, painting with friends and family, and just about any board or card game she can find.

    Rhonda invites you to connect with her on LinkedIn.

    Meeting Agenda:

    5:55 pm - Log In

    6:00 pm - 7:00 pm CT - Speaker Presentation + Q&A

    All online reservations are OPEN the day of the meeting.

    • 04/06/2023
    • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Virtual (Zoom) & In-Person @ Diamond Oaks Country Club | 5821 Diamond Oaks Drive North | Fort Worth, TX 76117

    ATD Fort Worth Mid-Cities Chapter Meeting & Presentation

    Thursday, April 6, 2023 - 5:30 - 7:30

    Location: Diamond Oaks Country Club | 5821 Diamond Oaks Drive North | Fort Worth, TX 76117 

    In-person Registration deadline: April 4th

    Virtual Registrations: open through day of meeting

    2023 Top Learning Trends

    Presented by

    Lisa Christensen and Jake Gittleson

    McKinsey & Company

    Learning and talent development play a strategic role in enabling organizational strategy. Specifically, L&D can have a material impact on talent attraction and retention, as well as the capability development necessary to deliver an organization’s strategic agenda. But neither organizations, nor their L&D teams, operate in isolation. They are affected, sometimes deeply affected, by macro and industry trends. L&D professionals are best positioned to play critical consultative roles to the organization when they are aware of trends, understand the potential implications and opportunities and are ready to take action.

    In this session, McKinsey & Company Learning Innovation leaders, Lisa Christensen and Jake Gittleson will share insights from the McKinsey Learning Research and Innovation Lab’s 2023 Trends Analysis. We’ll both discuss trends poised to have a deep impact on learning and help you consider the possible impacts to your own organization.

    About the Speakers: 


    Lisa Christensen leads McKinsey and Company's Learning Design and Development Center of Excellence, the global team of design experts, designing and building the learning that develops McKinsey Partners and professionals, enabling them to deliver incredible client impact. She founded and leads McKinsey's Learning Research and Innovation lab and sits on the global learning leadership team. Her current research topics include Intentional Learning and Apprenticeship. Lisa has built her career around a single question - is it right for the learner?

    Jake Gittleson leads McKinsey Learning’s Research and Innovation Lab that is focused on creating a culture of sustained innovation through research, experimentation, education, and external partnerships. In addition to his Lab responsibilities, Jake provides global design support for some several of McKinsey's large learning initiatives and programs. Jake also co-hosts The Learning Geeks podcast, has co-authored articles on learning and development for the McKinsey Quarterly, and is a speaker at external events and conferences.


    • House Salad
    • Southern Comfort Buffet with Pot Roast, Carrots, and Onions
    • Mashed Potatoes
    • Country Bacon Green Beans
    • Apple Pie

    Meeting Agenda:

    5:30 pm - In Person and Zoom Breakout Room Networking

    5:45 pm - In Person Dinner is Served 

    6:00 pm - Meeting Begins for Everyone

    6:15 pm - Presentation Begins

    7:15 pm - Door Prizes and Final Announcements

    7:30 pm - Meeting Concludes

Past events

03/16/2023 Instructional Design SIG - March 2023: 3 Game Design Practices to Boost Learner Engagement
03/02/2023 March 2023 ATD FW/MC Chapter Meeting: TD Talk: What You Should Know in 2023
02/23/2023 Instructional Design SIG - February 2023: Accessibility Makeovers
02/02/2023 February 2023 ATD FW/MC Chapter Meeting: Take Training to a New Dimension: Quick-Start Virtual Reality
01/19/2023 Instructional Design SIG - ATD FW/MC January 2023: Above and Vyond - Creating Videos Using Vyond
01/17/2023 2023 January Jamboree - ATD FW/MC and ATD Dallas Meetup
01/12/2023 Instructional Design SIG - January 12: CPTD - Is it Worth It?
01/05/2023 January 2023 ATD FW/MC Chapter Meeting: Liza Davis - Mental Fitness
12/01/2022 December 2022 ATD FW/MC Chapter Holiday Party: Ugly Sweater Murder Mystery
11/17/2022 Fireside Chat - November 2022: Russell Sweep - DevLearn - Notes From the Field
11/03/2022 November 2022 ATD FW/MC Chapter Meeting: Eric Wallace - Leadership Communication in a "Flash"
10/20/2022 Learning Technologies SIG - October 2022: Storyline and Vyond: A Winning Combination
10/06/2022 October 2022 ATD FW/MC Chapter Meeting: Marcene Sonnek: “Make Lemonade”
09/23/2022 ATD Cultivate 2022 Conference
09/23/2022 Sponsorship - ATD Cultivate 2022 Conference
09/01/2022 September 2022 ATD FW/MC Chapter Meeting: Mentorship Program Final Presentations
08/16/2022 Learning Technology SIG - August 2022: Graphic Design for Beginners
08/04/2022 Summer Social August 2022 ATD FW/MC Chapter Meeting
07/07/2022 July 2022 ATD FW/MC Chapter Meeting: Kristina Rogers - The Journey to an L&D Career
06/21/2022 Learning Technology SIG - June 2022: Above and Vyond: Working with Music and Sound Effects
06/08/2022 Career Development SIG - June 8th 2022: Q&A with Liza
06/02/2022 June 2022 ATD FW/MC Chapter Meeting: Diane Allen - Unlock Genius for Increased Engagement, Retention, & Recruitment
05/24/2022 ATD Fort Worth/Mid-Cities Summer Mentorship Q&A Session
05/05/2022 May 2022 ATD FW/MC Chapter Meeting: Todd Long - Performance Leadership – Inspiring Growth in Others
04/21/2022 Instructional Design SIG - April 2022: Above and Vyond
04/20/2022 Career Development SIG - April/May 2022: 3 Steps to Creating the Career You Want
04/07/2022 April 2022 ATD FW/MC Chapter Meeting: Matthew Confer - The Future of Learning is Experiential
03/24/2022 Instructional Design SIG - March 2022: Using PowerPoint for Good: It's Not Just for Presentations
03/03/2022 March 2022 ATD FW/MC Chapter Meeting: Shawn Johnson - Customize Training for a Multi-Generational Audience
02/24/2022 Encore Instructional Design SIG - February 2022: Storyline 360 Drag/Drop Interaction
02/17/2022 Instructional Design SIG - February 2022: Storyline 360 Drag/Drop Interaction
02/03/2022 February 2022 ATD FW/MC Chapter Meeting: Gisele Marcus - The Power of “Belonging” and Why It is Important to You
01/06/2022 January 2022 ATD FW/MC Chapter Meeting: Matthew Brown - Change, Reskilling and Continuous Learning
12/02/2021 IN-PERSON & Virtual December 2021 ATD FW/MC Chapter Meeting: Holiday Party
11/04/2021 IN-PERSON & Virtual November 2021 ATD FWMCs Chapter Meeting: Chrystina Katz - Creating Highly Engaged Hybrid Work Teams
10/07/2021 IN-PERSON & Virtual October 2021 ATD FWMCs Chapter Meeting: Clayton Stockdall - Helping Good People Transition from Individual Contributors to Leaders
09/02/2021 IN-PERSON & Virtual September 2021 ATD FWMCs Chapter Meeting: Branon Gilbert - Keeping Your Best Folks in a Fluid Market
08/05/2021 IN-PERSON & Virtual August 2021 ATD FWMCs Chapter Meeting: Jean Peterson-Uncovering the Core
07/15/2021 In-Person Special Event - July 2021 ATD FWMC: Make it a Top Notch Summer
06/16/2021 Virtual - Instructional Design SIG June 2021: Creating an Online Portfolio with ZERO Budget
06/03/2021 Virtual June 2021 ATD FWMCs Chapter Meeting: David Ferner - Practical Train-the-Trainer Techniques
05/06/2021 Virtual May 2021 ATD FWMCs Chapter Meeting: Sandy Robinson - LinkedIn Strategies to Boost Your Personal Brand and Enhance Your Organizational Brand
04/01/2021 Virtual April 2021 ATD FWMCs Chapter Meeting: Kyle Anne Poland - A Whole Brain Approach to Building & Delivering Training
03/04/2021 Virtual March 2021 ATD FWMCs Chapter Meeting: Henry McLaughlin-Pursuing Your Dreams: When Things Don't Happen Like You Thought
02/04/2021 Virtual February 2021 ATD FWMCs Chapter Meeting and SIGs: Gisele Marcus - Onboarding in 2021
01/07/2021 January 2021 Chapter Meeting and SIGs: Shawn Johnson - Creating a Powerful Vision Board for 2021
12/03/2020 December 2020 Chapter Meeting and SIGs: Jim Roach - LEADING in the New World of Work
11/05/2020 November 2020 Chapter Meeting and SIGs: Steve Peglar - The Future is Here: HR Tactics for Navigating the New World of Remote Work
10/01/2020 October 2020 Chapter Meeting and SIGs: Lisa Bevington - Your Brain on Change: How Neuroscience and Candor can Improve a Project's ROI
09/17/2020 Virtual TOWN HALL September 2020: Paul Dixon and Lorie Brown - Digital Readiness
09/15/2020 September 2020 ATD/ACMP ALL Texas Happy Hour
09/03/2020 Virtual September 2020 Chapter Meeting and SIGs: Todd Strosnider & Becky Willis - How Talent Development Can Drive Business Results
08/06/2020 Virtual! August 2020 Chapter Meeting and SIGs: Joanna Wiesinger - 3 Keys to Winning the Fight for Talent
07/23/2020 Virtual TOWN HALL July 2020 ATD Fort Worth/Mid-Cities: Sasha Rowe - Revving Up Talent Development at Rivvly
07/09/2020 Virtual! July 2020 Chapter Meeting and SIGs: Shawn Johnson - Motivating and Communicating Across Generations
07/07/2020 Virtual 2020 ATD FWMC TOWN HALL: Trevor Spunt and Lara Azcona - Leveraging Change Management to Increase Talent Development Success
06/04/2020 Virtual! June 2020 Chapter SIGs and Meeting: Lieutenant Amy Ladd -Performance Improvement: A Culture of Leadership
05/21/2020 ATD Fort Worth/Mid-Cities TOWN HALL: Carol Kiburz and Jonathan Silk - Leading and Operating in a Crisis
05/07/2020 VIRTUAL: May 2020 ATD Chapter SIGs and Meeting: Rex Houze - 4 Essential Keys to Effective Communication
04/02/2020 VIRTUAL! APRIL 2020 CHAPTER SIGs and MEETING: Dr Stevie Dawn - Emotional Intelligence and Decision Making
03/05/2020 March 2020 Chapter SIGs and Meeting: Carol Kiburz - Managing Learning Programs and Teams
02/06/2020 February 2020 Chapter SIGs and Meeting: Fred Schmidt - The Power of Collaboration for Workforce Development
01/21/2020 ATD Fort Worth & ATD Dallas 2020 Kick Off Happy Hour Social
01/09/2020 JANUARY 2020 CHAPTER MEETING: Kyle Anne Poland - Building a Leadership Program for First-Time Managers
12/05/2019 December Chapter Meeting - Mashup of Holiday Giving, Fun and Games
11/07/2019 November Chapter Meeting - Fanny Dunagan: Leverage your Training Expertise to Build Your LinkedIn Brand
10/03/2019 October Chapter Meeting - Chief Jim Davis: The Use of Simulation in Education
09/05/2019 September Chapter Meeting - Sophie Clement: Catalyzing Stress for Growth & High Performance
08/01/2019 August Chapter Meeting - Clint Reese: Emotional Intelligence
07/25/2019 July 2019 E-Learning SIG: Video-Based Microlearning: Why It Works and How to Get Started
06/06/2019 June Chapter Meeting - Jonathan Silk: LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®
05/02/2019 May Chapter Meeting - Brandy Schade: Tap into your Strengths to Make an Impact
04/04/2019 April Chapter Meeting - Adam Costakes & Dan Hirt: Jump Start Your Micro Learning Program
03/25/2019 WEBINAR: slack Basics with Jonathan Silk
03/07/2019 March Chapter Meeting - Michael Torrie: Solving Learning Decay
02/07/2019 February Chapter Meeting - Colette Williamson: Employee Engagement, the Southwest Way
01/31/2019 January 2019 e-Learning SIG: 100+ Free e-Learning Tools
12/06/2018 December 2018 - Michael Hoffman : Owning Your Skills of Influence!
11/01/2018 November 2018 - Leveraging LinkedIn with Tara Clackler
10/09/2018 October 2018 - Joint Event with Dallas ATD - Creating and Leading an Imaginative & Innovative Learning Culture
10/04/2018 October 2018 - Empathy and Communication with 2nd Language Employees and Multilingual Teams
09/12/2018 September e-Learning SIG: 25 Things you didn’t know you could do in PowerPoint
09/06/2018 September 2018 - Boosting Your Employee's Joy with Catherine Walker
08/15/2018 August e-Learning SIG
08/02/2018 August 2018 - Rochelle Harris on Designing Your Life
07/12/2018 Night of Fun at The Secret Chambers Escape Room!
06/13/2018 e-Learning SIG: 100+ Free Tools for the Thrifty Learning Designer
06/07/2018 June 2018 - The Strategy That Drives Talent Management and Development
06/01/2018 June 2018 - Dallas ATD Learning & Development SIG
05/17/2018 May e-Learning SIG
05/17/2018 The Transformational Leader-Manager Workshop
05/15/2018 May REACH (networking)
05/03/2018 May 2018 - Intellectual Property 101: Whose IP is it Anyway? with Mike Regitz and Dustin Mauck
04/17/2018 April REACH (networking)
04/11/2018 April e-Learning SIG
04/05/2018 April 2018 - The Power of Coaching Conversations with Jessica Johnson
03/13/2018 March REACH (networking)
03/07/2018 March e-Learning SIG
03/04/2018 2018 ATD Regional Chapter Leaders Meeting
03/04/2018 ATD South Central Chapters 2018 Regional Conference
03/01/2018 March 2018 - Using Talent Development Tools to Evaluate Our Talent Development Programs
02/13/2018 February REACH (networking)
02/08/2018 February e-Learning SIG
02/01/2018 February 2018 - Exploring Virtual Reality for Learning with Noah Sparks
01/04/2018 January 2018 - Bringing Stories Center Stage in Training
12/07/2017 December 2017 - How Adults Learn Best with Wendi Walker-Schmidt
11/02/2017 November 2017 -Transforming Talent Development by Revolutionizing the World of Psychometrics with Rebecca Bales
10/05/2017 Mix & Mingle - Association Night
09/07/2017 September 2017 - Oh Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven Training
08/03/2017 August 2017 - The Container Store with Rachel Kennedy
07/27/2017 July 27, 2017 - Chapter Birthday Celebration & Food Drive
07/06/2017 July 2017 - Jump Shift the Impact of HR/TD on Business Performance
06/07/2017 June 2017 - State National Companies at Harley Davidson Onsite
05/04/2017 May 2017 Workshop - Leadership Lessons with TED Talks
04/01/2017 April Community Service Month
03/02/2017 March 2017 Workshop - Lean Operations
02/09/2017 February 2017 - Leveraging LinkedIn Luncheon
02/02/2017 February 2017 Workshop - Tools of the Trade
01/05/2017 Mix & Mingle - January 2017
12/07/2016 Board Meeting - December 2016
12/07/2016 December ATD Certificate Program - Training Certificate
12/01/2016 December Chapter Meeting - The Eight Best Ice Breaker Activities for Any Work Event
11/17/2016 Board Meeting - November 2016
11/03/2016 November Chapter Meeting - Training and Development Leadership Panel
10/24/2016 October ATD Certificate Program - E-Learning Instructional Design
10/06/2016 October Monthly Meeting - Using Voiceover Narration to Enhance Your Training Programs
09/01/2016 September Monthly Meeting - Presentations That Work!
08/26/2016 Sententia Level 1 Gamification Certification (6 contact hours)
08/04/2016 August Monthly Meeting - Gamification BUZZ… How to Use Game Mechanics to Motivate Your Learners
07/28/2016 July Board Meeting - July 28, 2016
07/07/2016 July Monthly Meeting -Create a Culture of High Engagement
06/02/2016 June Monthly Meeting - Five Tips to Improve Your E-Learning Design Today
06/02/2016 MEMBERS ONLY - Free Webinar - An LMS is not an eLearning Strategy
04/07/2016 April Monthly Meeting -Change is good! You go first.
03/31/2016 Board Meeting - March 31, 2016
03/21/2016 ATD Certificate Program - Designing Learning Certificate
03/03/2016 March Monthly Meeting - Influencer: A Proven Model to Drive Rapid and Sustainable Change
02/25/2016 Board Meeting - February 25
02/11/2016 Luncheon Meeting, Thursday, February 11, 2016 - Maximizing Your Productive Training Outcomes
01/23/2016 Board Member Planning Retreat-2016
01/07/2016 Monthly Meeting -January-Help us make 2016 the greatest year!
12/10/2015 Board Members - 2015 Year End Celebration
12/03/2015 Holiday Celebration
11/12/2015 Monthly Meeting - Copyright Law in the Digital Age: When Can I Use That?
11/05/2015 Board Meeting - October/November
10/15/2015 ATD Certificate Program - Project Management for Learning Professionals Certificate
10/05/2015 ATD Certificate Program - Training Certificate
10/01/2015 Monthly Meeting for October
09/28/2015 ATD Certificate Program - Designing Learning Certificate
09/24/2015 Board Meeting - September
09/03/2015 Monthly Meeting - Transformational Learning and Leadership – the Link!
08/27/2015 Board Meeting - August
08/06/2015 Cory Rieken from Development Dimensions International (DDI)
07/30/2015 Board Meeting - July
07/16/2015 Summer Mixer Save the date
06/17/2015 Webinar: Articulate Storyline―Working with Layers, Triggers, and States
06/04/2015 Monthly Meeting - Innovative Ways Companies Are Using Infographics
05/29/2015 Luncheon Meeting - Talent Development at BNSF
05/28/2015 Board Meeting - May
05/13/2015 Webinar: KAPOW!—Designing Comic-themed eLearning Courses
05/07/2015 Monthly Meeting - Employee Engagement in a Nutshell
04/23/2015 Sententia Level 1 Gamification Certification for Talent Development Professionals
04/16/2015 Luncheon Meeting - Visual Storytelling
04/02/2015 Monthly Meeting - Game the System™ - The Basics of How and Why to Gamify Your Training Programs
03/26/2015 Board Meeting March
03/05/2015 Monthly Meeting - Innovative Ways Companies Are Using Infographics
02/26/2015 Board Meeting February
02/20/2015 ATD Regional Leadership Summit
02/05/2015 Monthly Meeting - Social Learning Superpowers
01/24/2015 2015 ATD Board Planning Session
01/08/2015 Monthly Meeting - The Good Cop / Bad Cop Vendor Management Strategy
12/18/2014 Board Members - 2014 Year End Celebration
12/04/2014 Monthly Meeting - 2014 Year End Celebration
11/06/2014 Monthly Meeting - Brilliance: Understanding the Creative Mind
10/30/2014 Board Meeting October
10/23/2014 ASTD Certificate Program - eLearning Instructional Design Certificate
10/15/2014 Visual Storytelling: Engaging Your Learners with Pictures
10/07/2014 A 2-Day Workshop with Tom Kuhlmann: Powerpoint for E-Learning & Building Interactive E-Learning with Storyline
10/02/2014 Monthly Meeting - Speed Presenting & Upping Your Game in PowerPoint
09/25/2014 Board Meeting September
09/04/2014 Monthly Meeting - "On LinkedIn...Now What?"
08/28/2014 Board Meeting August
08/19/2014 2014 Southwest Learning Summit
08/07/2014 Monthly Meeting - Trainers' Drink and Draw
07/10/2014 Monthly Meeting - ASTD Fort Worth/Mid-Cities Chapter 40th Anniversary Celebration
07/09/2014 ASTD Certificate Program - Training Certificate
06/26/2014 Board Meeting June
06/05/2014 Monthly Meeting - Enhancing Learning at UT Southwestern Medical Center - Academy for Career Enrichment (ACE)
05/01/2014 Monthly Meeting - Our Field: Defining Boundaries and Making Connections
04/24/2014 Board Meeting
04/03/2014 Monthly Meeting - Why sales people fail ...
03/27/2014 Board Meeting
03/06/2014 Monthly Meeting - Brian Sullivan - What is UX? and how can you apply it to Training.
03/05/2014 ASTD Certificate Program - Design Learning Certificate
02/27/2014 Board Meeting February
02/06/2014 2014 Trends in Executive Development - Bonnie Hagemann
12/05/2013 Monthly Meeting - Gregory J. Enos Presents "Solutions for Coping with Information Overload and Multitasking""
11/12/2013 LearnNow!
11/07/2013 Monthly Meeting - Bill Brandon presents "How to Survive and Thrive in the Expanding Learning Ecosystem"
11/06/2013 ASTD Certificate Program - Integrated Talent Management Certificate
10/03/2013 Monthly Meeting - Speed Presenting
09/05/2013 Monthly Meeting - Kelly Leiker, MBA presents “Top 10 Tips for Remarkable Virtual Learning at your Organization”
08/20/2013 2013 Southwest Learning Summit
08/01/2013 Monthly Meeting - Keith Meyerson and Chris Bond Presents: Lessons from the Battlefield - A Survival Story of LMS Selection
07/11/2013 Monthly Meeting - 39 Year Chapter Anniversary: Networking Night
06/06/2013 Monthly Meeting - Ilayne Geller, Ph.D. Presents: "Influencer: A Proven Model to Drive Rapid and Sustainable Change"
05/17/2013 ASTD Education Program - Consulting Skills for Trainers Certificate
05/17/2013 ASTD Education Program - CPLP® Study Prep Workshop
05/17/2013 ASTD Education Program - Blended Learning Certificate
05/17/2013 ASTD Education Program - Career Planning & Talent Management Certificate
05/17/2013 ASTD Education Program - Coaching Certificate
05/17/2013 ASTD Education Program - Action Learning Certificate
05/17/2013 ASTD Education Program - Advanced Designing Learning Certificate
05/17/2013 ASTD Education Program - Advanced E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate
05/16/2013 ASTD Education Program - Analyzing Human Performance Certificate
05/02/2013 Monthly Meeting - Silos! Glorious and Beloved Silos!
04/24/2013 Story-Based Technical & Compliance eLearning Design Workshop
04/04/2013 Monthly Meeting - Richard H. Sites, Ed. D. and Angel Green, M.S. presents "Leaving ADDIE for SAM"
03/07/2013 Monthly Meeting - The New ASTD Competency Model™
03/07/2013 New Member Orientation
02/07/2013 Monthly Meeting - Sarah Wakefield
01/03/2013 Monthly Meeting - John Shearer
12/06/2012 Monthly Meeting - A.J. Wood presents "Making Effective Use of Screencasting Tools"
11/14/2012 CPLP Study Prep Workshop
11/13/2012 Webinar: Become an Amazon Author
11/01/2012 Monthly Meeting - John H. Cox, Self-direction and the Workplace: Building a Self-Directed Learning “Engine”.
10/30/2012 The Talent Leadership Forum
10/23/2012 Blended Learning Certificate Program
10/23/2012 Career Planning and Talent Management Certificate Program
10/04/2012 Monthly Meeting - Speed Presenting
09/06/2012 Monthly Meeting -Susan Hanold, Ph.D., What's In and Out with Needs Analysis
08/02/2012 Monthly Meeting - Allen Krom Presents Distance Learning – Is a Webinar Appropriate?
07/05/2012 Monthly Meeting - World Cafe for Workplace Learning Professionals
06/29/2012 Webinar
06/10/2012 Facilitating for Excellence Certificate
06/07/2012 Monthly Meeting - Colleen A. Rickenbacher, Business Etiquette for Trainers
05/03/2012 Monthly Meeting - Barbara J. Ashbaugh, Employee Engagement: Pay Now or Pay Later
04/05/2012 Monthly Meeting - Dr. Jeff Allen, University of North Texas presents Learning and Performance Innovation: Implications for the Workplace
03/01/2012 Monthly Meeting - Jeff Kribs of Infinitude Creative Group presents "Learning in High Definition"
02/02/2012 Monthly Meeting - Tom Niesen of Acuity Systems, Inc. - How to Get Sales Training to Stick
01/12/2012 Lumina Spark Certification Workshop
01/09/2012 Increase Revenue Through Employee Training
01/05/2012 Monthly Meeting Skipper Kendrick - This Ain’t Your Normal (Safety/Regulatory) Training
12/01/2011 Monthly Meeting - Rich Pendergast - Counter-Intuitive Leadership for Driving Innovation
11/03/2011 Monthly Meeting - Speed Presenting
10/25/2011 E-Learning Symposium
10/07/2011 Workshop: Navigating Integrity Workshop
10/06/2011 Monthly Meeting - Al Watts - Navigating Integrity – Transforming Business As Usual Into Business At Its Best
09/28/2011 Kirkpatrick Four Levels Evaluation Certification Program - 2 Day
09/28/2011 Kirkpatrick Four Levels Evaluation Certificate Program - 1 Day
09/01/2011 Monthly Meeting - Nancy Barry - Closing the Generation Gap
08/09/2011 Southwest Learning Summit and Exposition
08/04/2011 Monthly Meeting - Michael Hoffman - Build Enthusiasm, Communitiy and retention with your training programs
07/21/2011 Professional Development Series : Body Language & Non-Verbal Communication
07/07/2011 Monthly Meeting - Ellen Lee Improve with Improv!
06/02/2011 Monthly Meeting - Buzz Murphy
05/05/2011 Monthly Meeting - Rebecca Bales
04/28/2011 Creating Leadership Development Programs Certificate
04/07/2011 Monthly Meeting - Michelle Prince
03/24/2011 E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate Program

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