As an organization that has the purpose of serving professionals, we realized the need to continued innovation and growth. Therefore, as of today we have made some changes we believe that this new and more streamlined membership program will be to the benefit of all and we are very EXCITED about it!

  • We will now offer FREE meetings, luncheons, and socials for anyone with membership, beginning in November 2017! A savings of over $150 per year...Trust us, we did the math!
  • Only two types of membership will exist (Chapter Member and Student Member)
  • Auto renewal for those who renew or join after October 20th (this does not apply to Student or Board Membership)
  • Job Seeker membership will no longer be available
  • Dinner is now included for any attendee
  • Anyone NOT registered online by the Monday before the meeting will be considered a walk-in and pay the Guest rate $35.00 This applies to members and non-members alike
Beginning January 1, 2018
  • Pricing of membership will change. $99 for Chapter Members and $49 for Student Members
  • Board membership is discounted at a rate of $59, to show we appreciate and value our volunteers! Learn more about board membership benefits!
Benefits to chapter and members alike:
  • Registration flow will be more efficient, as only walk-ins will need to pay
  • Adds REAL VALUE to the membership!
  • With auto-renew, members will no longer have to take any action to keep their membership active
  • For anyone joining in 2018, the membership will pay for itself within the first three meetings, when compared to the old fee structure

What we need from YOU!
We need all members to register by the Monday before the meeting! This helps us better plan for and accommodate the attendees

Can I join now?
YES, if you JOIN NOW at the current rate of $65 though December 2017, then your membership pays for itself within two meetings!


  • Dinner for all attending
  • Regular meetings normally take place on the first Thursday of the month in the evenings 5:30-7:30 pm
  • For 2018 we plan to keep meetings at Diamond Oaks in 2018 (subject to change for special meetings)

Still have questions? Email the President.

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